Monday, May 10, 2010

Golf Onesie and Argyle Leg Warmer Set

This onesie and argyle leg warmer set is definitely not par for the course! Your little golfer (well, maybe future golfer!) will stand out at the country club in this cute little outfit. The onesie is 100% cotton and is hand-painted. Personalization is free! And included with the set is a pair of argyle leg warmers for that vintage appeal. Choose from gray argyle, khaki argyle, navy argyle, solid navy, or solid khaki leg warmers. Take a look at

Pirate Skull Onesie and Leg Warmer Set

"I'm a dishonest man. Honestly. It's the honest ones you have to watch out for." Captain Jack Sparrow

I'm a huge "Pirates of the Caribbean" fan, so of course I had to do a pirate onesie! This pirate skull is hand-painted on a 100% cotton onesie and is personalized FREE! And to make the outfit even more "pirate-like" we've included a pair of sewn gray/black striped leg warmers. If you'd like to add a diaper cover, be sure to purchase our "Pick your favorite fabric" bloomer/diaper cover listing. I don't have many solids listed, but I can get just about any solid you want. I think a black, gray, or red diaper cover would make this a perfect birthday outfit for a pirate-themed party. View it at