Monday, September 6, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Spider and Spooktacular Halloween Bloomers

Don't let these fellas scare you!  They are more into treating than tricking!

Check our shop for the Itsy Bitsy Spider Tutorial.  It is an Add-on to our Easy Peasy Rumba Ruffle Diaper Cover. "And what's an Add-on?" you might ask? It is a tutorial for turning our Easy Peasy Rumba Ruffle Diaper cover into this scary Halloween version. You'll need to purchase the Easy Peasy Rumble Ruffle Diaper Cover from our shop, and purchase this tutorial which gives directions for the turning it into this Halloween version. With the two, you'll have all the patterns and instructions you need to create the Halloween ruffled bloomers (complete with the Itsy Bitsy Be-ribboned Spider and the Boo! applique), a spider headband, and leg-warmers made from purchased knee-socks. The tutorial has 17 pages of instructions and 79 detailed photos so you can't possibly fail!

Using the same instructions given in the Spider tutorial (minus the spider legs, of course!), you can create this Spooktacular pair of Ghost bloomers! For the ghost face, cut three small ovals from black felt (make the mouth slightly larger than the eyes) and stitch them to the ribbon pouf.

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